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The Story of 3 Frenchmen

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different .

Coco Chanel

Laurent, Philippe et Jérôme

3 Frenchmen. 

One from Strasbourg, Laurent Réa.

One from Chartres, Philippe Placé.

One from Lyon, Jérôme Sérot.

They will eventually meet in San Antonio. That was 2001. 

They are food lovers. They love talking about it, making it, serving it, and sharing it. 

The brainchild of its three Frenchmen founders, Mon Chou Chou’s menu highlights the cuisine of their homeland, enriched with fond memories of meals shared with family and friends throughout their lives. Many of the featured dishes are directly influenced by the trio’s respective grandmothers, as well as the many inspiring cities and diverse regions of France.  Together they developed an epicurean friendship.

Today, the Brasserie brings their dream to life. Mon Chou Chou introduces their passion for French comfort food in the beautiful Historic Pearl and the city they love to call home.

Brasserie Mon Chou Chou is a part of the Southerleigh Hospitality Group: Based in San Antonio, Texas, Southerleigh Hospitality Group is an independent, fully integrated restaurant and hospitality company, owning and managing various restaurants and food concepts including, Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery, Southerleigh Brewery, and Southerleigh Haute South. The Southerleigh Hospitality Group is a strong group of foodies who are obsessed with connecting people with savory, comfort, flavorful food experiences and they make no excuses about it. With an unwavering passion for palette tantalizing menus, the restaurants serve up decadent cuisine along with distinguished hand-crafted beers for food lovers abound. The friendly neighborhood gathering places make every visit an unforgettably fun social dining experience. Visit us at

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