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Laurent Réa - Executive Chef


Chef Laurent Réa is the Executive Chef of Brasserie Mon Chou Chou, where he leads and directs all aspects of the culinary experience. He started his career in culinary school in Strasbourg, France. After a successful start in various world-class restaurants such as The Lygon Arm Hotel in Broadway, England and Ca’Savio in Venice, Italy, Rea had an opportunity to join Paul Bocuse and Roger Vergé’s restaurant, Chef de France, in Orlando, Florida. Chef Rea worked as a chef de partie for a year before moving to San Antonio, Texas. He then joined the team at l’Etoile, a French owned restaurant in the city. After spending seven years as a chef de cuisine he decided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he ran the kitchen of the famous O’Keefe Café for three years before deciding to return to San Antonio to take the position of executive chef at Andrew Weissman’s restaurant, Signature, in 2016. Chef Rea recently joined the Southerleigh Hospitality Group as the Executive Chef of Brasserie Mon Chou Chou.